What is included in a Bravely subscription?

Answer: For the duration you've selected, your gift recipient will have access to Bravely for the entire time. This will include all the new features and functionalities that we are currently building.


When does the subscription start?

Answer: The subscription starts when the gift recipient has downloaded the Bravely app, and their access begins. Don't worry! The clock only starts ticking once the Bravely app is safely in their hands.


What will the giftee receive? 

Answer: Once we've received their details, as well as any message you might want to include, we'll send them an email with details on how to redeem their gift subscription! We promise that the email they receive will be a beautiful, festive gift card that is sure to make them feel special.


Will I be updated as to when they've activated their subscription?

Answer: We do not currently have an automated way to track when a subscription has activated. Additionally, for privacy purposes, we are not able to release this information. However, we encourage you to get in touch directly to check in on them!


I have a question that isn't on here...

Answer: No worries! Get in touch any time at support@bravely.io and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.